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Tell us what you see, and we will make it for you. Be sure that you will get what you really need. We build your requirements for you within the best time and cost factors.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have proved themselves important for work, connection, and fun.

And, for the right idea, they have often proved themselves of substantial value. If you have this idea or are aware of a need, then it is time you went with it. Make it happen. Read more

Web Apps

In a world that is decidedly online, your online presence is inevitable.

Now that you have decided to make your business visible regionally and globally, you need a website. And now that you intend to manage your work from anywhere and at any time, you need a web application, probably on the cloud. Read more

Software Systems

They seem like they’ve been around since forever. How on earth did we manage before they got here?

It is what it is. Businesses and institutions can no more run effectively without their business-oriented software systems. Think payroll, HR, school management, insurance, reporting, and time-tables and schedules. Read more

Whether you want a mobile, web, or software application, make sure you get what you really need. As much as your requirements are important, there are other factors that are important as well, and they are managed by whoever develops the software. In comes credibility and trust. From methodology to coding processes, quality control, and time management, we make sure to be transparent and optimal in our work, and to deliver to you what you expect. Our backdrop is our expertise from many projects in many countries and over many years.

Who we are?

Our Team

At Aurangle, We come from diverse backgrounds, having worked on various projects and over diverse platforms. We utilize a proven array of technologies, focusing on Flutter, C#, PHP, HTML5, and more.

Our Collaborators

At Aurangle, we provide a Collaboration Area where developers from outside are welcome to work with us on many of our selected projects. We keep this space open in order to draw in creative ideas and fresh energy.

Collaboration Space

The Collaboration Area is the space that Aurangle provides for software developers and engineers to collaborate with us on designated software projects. We welcome collaborators coming from various backgrounds and expertise levels.


Drop us an email at for any info and we’ll call you back to see how we can work together, all it takes is trust, and since love is like trust, it sometimes works at first sight.


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